Moron Mountain

Moron Mountain is a amusement park that was introduce in the movie Space Jam. Its owner is Mr. Swackhammer.


Moron Mountain is shown to be a grey planet with large neon sign around it but on the top we see an Amusement Park with the entrance looking like Mr Swackhammer's face.


When a costumer complain that this place stinks, Mr. Swackhammer told his Nerdlucks that they need new attractions for the park, they discovered the Looney Tunes and were ordered to bring them here by force, but the plan failed due to The Monstars losing the basketball game, Mr Swackhammer being sent to the moon and The Nerdlucks wanting to stay on earth with The other Looney Tunes. After that it wasn't shown, but it's possible that Moron Mountain was eventually shut down and turned back into a regular planet.